Tips to keep your wife happy

Tips to keep your wife happy

You will find two types of people in the world, first who eats the whole slice of Pizza and second who will leave the corner portion because it is dry, hard to chew and there is no cheese on it. Now you think what type of person you are, the former one who eats the whole slice or the later one who leaves the hard portion. You must be wondering why am I talking about Pizza when I am supposed to talk about keeping your would be wife happy, because somewhere both the things are same. You will face many situations in your marriage where you’ll get the hard portion of pizza slice; unfortunately, you can’t leave them in real life. Wives are tough to handle and if you’re getting married soon, then you must be worried about how to make her happy and get a peaceful married life.

Tips to keep your would be wife happy

Well let me tell you here you can take up some easy and simple ways to make her smile forever.

  1. Compliment Her

Girls love compliments. Compliment your girl whenever you get a chance. You don’t always publicise your compliment or make it huge. Girls love short and sweet things. Even if she is not in her best look or best dress or in best mood, you still can just say, ‘you look cute when you don’t wear makeup’ and you’ll see a brighter face in front of you that really does not need any makeup. Even if you don’t like something she is wearing, choose your words carefully and let her realise that she can look even better with the other dress.

  1. Hold her hand in public

Getting cosy with your wife in public is not a crime until you are in your limits. Yes, I know we all have our bedroom where we can do whatever we want to, but doing public display of affection is not really a punishable act. Hold her hand in public. Your one gesture will bring smile on her face. It shows she is yours, you care for her, you love her and you belong to each other.

  1. Tell her you love him

People say we fall in love in most unexpected situation with most unexpected person. Tell her you love her when she is not expecting that. But make sure don’t embarrass your-self in public by doing something over the top. You don’t always need to show the world how much you love him, telling her ‘I love you’ even when she is busy doing dishes, cooking or when she is with the children will be a great treat for her. Please read the article to know the pros and cons of proposing a girl.

  1. Let her decide your next travel destination

Girls, especially wives love to rule. Not because they are dominant but because she is going to be the queen of your empire. Being the head of the family you can take many decisions but at times it is good to let things on her. Let her decide what to do and what not to like your honeymoon destination. Theses small efforts can make a lot difference to your marital life I am telling you.

  1. Ask her if she is fine

You are living with your wife and you know she is fit and fine. But at times asking her whether she is doing fine will definitely show your concern and care. Trust me girls love this gesture the most. It does not matter whether your wife is working or not, she has to make a lot of efforts to make your home. When you get back home or having dinner or anytime when you’re with your wife ask her at least once that whether she needs anything or she is doing fine.

  1. Pull her chair

Different girls like different types of guys, but all the girls respect gentlemen, mannered and have respect for the girls. Your wife should experience that with you as well. Open the door for her when you are going out or entering the restaurant. Pull her chair first and let her sit, make her comfortable then take your seat. You can also do that after marriage while having your personal everyday meal. You will definitely feel good if she cooks your favorite dish someday then why don’t you show her how you respect your wife by pulling a chair for her in your dining hall!

  1. Hug her when you get back home

Give your wife a hug whenever you get back home from office. It simply shows how much you missed her while you are away from her. The moment you come home and see her you feel good and do make her realize that you seriously wanted to see her badly the whole day. Ask her about her day even when you know she had done nothing special during the day.

  1. Help her in kitchen

Now this is little bit controversial I would say. Helping your wife in kitchen can be risky as well as romantic. Girls often find it romantic when their spouses cook for them. But this romantic gesture can get back to you like a boomerang (read it as any of the kitchen utensils) if you mess things up in her kitchen. So it will not be a good idea to take over the kitchen if you’re not a clean and good chef. But yes, if you’re at home in weekends then you can definitely offer your help in her kitchen. It does show that you value her work and you respect what she is doing.

  1. Say Sorry to her

If you find it difficult then learn it properly before you are tying the knot. Saying sorry to your wife is a common thing after marriage. No, I am not telling you to accept what is wrong and apologize for the right you’ve done. I am telling you to say sorry and make it up with her. If you get into big fight, go to her and make her smile by saying sorry. If your partner loves gifts then spend some penny and buy her something pretty. Remember, peace is always better than being right.

  1. Take her to Date

Lastly and most importantly take her to date sometimes. Before marriage you will probably take her to lunch, dinner or to simple coffee date. After marriage if you think that we are living together and having meals together so need for dates now, then you are wrong buddy. Take her out on dates after your marriage, on weekends or sometimes while returning back home from office. Gift her flowers or a beautiful dress, take her for shopping, for a movie of her choice, make her feel that your love for her is still young. You can also read the article about the things a men/women can share with their friends but not with their spouse.

Tips to keep your would-be wife happy

Dos Don’ts
Say her you love her Don’t make it public always, she needs to feel it not the world
Gift her something pretty Not your choice but choose gifts of her choice
Allow her to choose cloths for you Don’t force her on anything
Take her to dinner sometimes Don’t let her wait for anything for long time

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