Transgender Wedding (Legal Planning, Dresses, Ceremony Ideas)

Transgender Wedding (Legal Planning, Dresses, Ceremony Ideas)

Weddings are always special for anyone and everyone in this world. The couple who goes into the entire wedding process not only involve themselves into a bond, but also their entire family and society. But if the couple belong to transgender community, the entire scenario changes. Few years ago, transgender wedding was illegal in India as well as many parts of the world. However, after years of protests by the LGBT community which represents the transgender community as a whole along with those individuals who partner with same sex individuals, the transgender wedding has been taking place. In India also, we have a good share of transgender population across every state. To go for a wedding, they need some special legal planning. In India, the first transgender wedding was registered in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra where in 2016 one transgender couple tied their knot following entire Hindu rituals along with the presence of family and friends.

Transgender Wedding (Legal Planning, Dresses, Ceremony Ideas)

Legal planning before getting married

As the transgender wedding is still a taboo is all sections of the society, the couple must follow some necessary legal formalities and make necessary pre – planning before tying the knot. These legal issues are to be dealt with utmost care in order to protect their marriage in future and live a normal life. In some parts of the world where the transgender wedding is illegal, one partner need to undergo sex – reorientation so that to complete a legal marriage. In other parts where the govt. allows transgender marriage, wedding may be done in general legal ways with both partners signing the marriage certificate as transgenders. The Supreme Court in India has provided a separate identity to the transgender community with its major judgment. Completing these legal issues before marriage will result in providing several benefits to the transgender couple such as:

  • The right to inherit property in case of death of spouse. This is a very important point when it comes to transgender wedding. In the legal planning is not done properly, the living partner might not get the right of inheritance of the spouse’s property after death.
  • In addition to the property, maintaining legal planning before transgender wedding is beneficial to get the retirement benefits, social security benefits, medical claims, etc.
  • Parental rights in case of children will be available if the legal aspects are well checked before marriage among transgenders.In case of any challenge regarding the validity of marriage among transgenders, completing all the legal measures is always a advantage. The transgender married couple can exercise their legal rights and fight for their marriage.

Ceremony ideas

The marriage ceremony among the transgenders may be similar to any other marriage where people of two different sexes tie knot. However, one may also bring in some new innovations in the wedding ceremony of transgenders. This might be the perfect opportunity to bring the family and friends of both the family together and end all differences from the past. The transgender community people have always a very strong link among themselves. They may arrange some cultural performances during the wedding ceremony where their transgender friends may sing songs or present dance performances for the couple. Every wedding ceremony must end with the promise made by the partners to remain together in every joy and sorrow.


The dressing for transgender wedding completely depends on the nature of ceremony that is being organized or the type of families which are involved. Transgender couple may get married either posing as same sex couple or they might present themselves as husband and wife during the marriage. The dressing completely depends on the wedding concept they are availing. In they believe in Christianity, they may visit the church, wear gown and suit and exchange wedding rings. In case, the couple wants a traditional wedding, they may get into traditional sherwanis, lehengas, saris, etc., get into the wedding mood and tie their knot.


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