Trendy starters menu from Mehndi to wedding Ceremony

Trendy starters menu from Mehndi to wedding Ceremony

Food is the one thing that will be remembered on your wedding. Let’s face it – food and fashion are the two things that make a wedding. While your gal pals will take care of the latter, you must take care of their food. We will tell you what are the best recipes trending nowadays. Please read the article  Things to take care before finalizing menu of wedding.

Trendy starters menu from Mehndi to wedding Ceremony

How to select the best menu for your guests?

When you go to a catering service they will give you a lot of options. You will be given a plethora of choices. You have to select the best menu from all of them. How will you do so? The first step is to know your guests.

If you have Punjabi family guests then you know they are big fans of chicken and all things non veg. if you have Bengali guests, can you really not pass them the fish and be eternally looked down upon? No, you don’t want to do that. So make sure what kind of guests you have and if you have more than one kind of guests, find common likes and dislikes and then only go for the final menu selection. You can also read an article to know Do’s and Dont’s of serving drinks during wedding

Trendy starters menu for Mehndi

Mehndi is the beginning ceremony and usually very close friends, relatives and neighbors attend this ceremony. Since it is just the beginning you should have some light snacks during this ceremony. This can be divided into two parts – vegetarian and non vegetarian. So we are going to tell you about each of the choices under them.

  • Vegetarian menu
    Samosa or Stir Fried Potato and Vegetables wrapped in homemade pastry and deep fried in oil. Hand them out in platters or you can make a buffet where they self-serve.
    Aloo Tikki – make it extra spicy for that spicy conversation flowing at your mehndi ceremony. Add breadcrumbs to add the crunchiness. It makes for a munchy snack for the little nibbles on your mehndi.
    Idli Sambhar – considering the fact that the mehndis are usually a day ceremony, Idli Sambhar makes the perfect breakfast. It is light and easy on stomach. It is the staple vegetarian breakfast for Southern Indians.
  • Non Vegetarian Menu
    Garlic Prawns – Pan fried king prawns marinated with garlic and spices are really munchy. For the beach wedding this is ideal menu. Else, for the early morning or afternoon mehndi ceremony prawns are munch-able.
    Chilli Chicken wings – these are ideal for snacks. They are simple chicken wings that are marinated in special chilli sauce. They are quite like drumsticks but more suited for the mehndi framework.
    Fish Fry – a delicacy straight from the Bay of Bengal, these are easy on the taste buds. Make your guests indulge in them before the meal arrives. Fish will prep their appetite for more.

Trendy starters menu for Ladies Sangeet

Ladies Sangeet takes place usually during the evening. So here the appetites will be different. You have to take care of the day and the eve menus and adjust them accordingly. People tend to binge eat during the night – this is why people go on dinners and lunches. But don’t worry your guests will love these suggestions –

  • Vegetarian Menu
    Paneer Tikka – it is the meat for the vegetarian food lovers. It is also trendy and a very common dish. It will go with all kinds of crowd. So play it safe and add this one to the list.
    Vegetable Cutlets – you will have beetroot, carrots, capsicum and other vegetables cooked and made into cassava strips. An alternative to this can be Vegetarian spring Rolls these are popular choices.
    Samosa Chaat – go with something heavier like the Samosa chaat or simple chaat with a twist. Serve them up with tamarind sauce and watch your guests enjoy. Serve up Kachoris if all else fails in this department.
  • Non Vegetarian Menu
    Chicken Tikka – the item has come back in recipe this year. You can have them for your reception or Sangeet. Alternatively you can have chicken pakoras which are equally delicious.
    Chicken drumsticks – You know what else is around the corner if it is not chicken tikka. Yes, it is chicken drumsticks. These are good to go with the sangeet mood. Your guests can have one on hand while enjoying performances.
    Lamb chops – Tandoori lamb chops are for the true non vegetarian food lovers. Pick them up with a toothpick and enjoy. The dips should be added with the menu for extra taste.

Trendy starters menu for Wedding

Finally it comes the turn of the wedding. It is the big day and the menu should also be big. So for this day we have assorted some of the best items for you to taste and enjoy. These are trending items that Indian weddings are trying out currently. They have again come back in style.

  • Vegetarian Menu
    Harabhara Kabab – Now is the time to roll out those kababs on your buffet. Green peas with spiced in kabab style will be the ideal menu for the vegetarians on your guest list.
    Corn pakora with palak – Let your guests know that you have thought about them while selecting the menu. Corn and palak pakora can be picked up and had before the meal is served or it can be out on display in the buffet.
    Vegetable Seekh Kabab – Alternatively you can roll out the vegetable seekh kabab. The Vegetable Jhal Farezi is yet another item which you can roll out in only the grand ceremony day.
  • Non Vegetarian Menu
    Murgh Malai tikka – Get the best of the tastes on your tongue tips with this new item. It is chicken diced in milk cream and spices. It will be a delight to have one piece while you patiently wait for ceremonies to begin.
    Chicken Reshmi Kabab has once again come to light in these few days. They are probably the least messy option for a starter – considering there will be children and older guests.
    Tandoori Salmon – you know how continental dishes have been doing the rounds. Tandoori Salmon will be a fresh and new item that graces your wedding menu on your big day.

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