Unique Indian modern Wedding invitation wording and quotes from bride groom

Unique Indian modern Wedding invitation wording and quotes from bride groom

When it comes to selecting the right wedding invitation card, it can be quite troublesome and hectic – especially if you are confused with the style. But when confusion strikes it is best to go with ones own instinct. This is why it is often recommended that those who are planning a wedding ahead take a quick delve into their own interests.

Unique Indian modern Wedding invitation wording and quotes from bride groom

Now  you might be wondering what has that got to do with the wedding invites. It is everything to do with it since what you send to your guests should speak more about you – the bride or the groom.

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In our Indian households what happens mostly is that people choose the wedding invites for us. But if you are the opinionate bride or the groom and you want to take charge of things, then this is your only chance – a wedding isn’t going to happen everyday. So make this day yours by taking charge of the wedding invites and start with selecting the perfect theme.

Once you have done the theme right it is also important to get the wording right. Everyone wants that their wedding invite be genuine and from the heart. You want to invite guests and you want to do so from the bottom of your heart – maybe add a little quirk or two of your own to make things interesting. Isn’t it?

If you have been searching for something unique but have been unable to find it then you have come to the right place. We will tell you a few ideas that will get your creative juices flowing in the right direction. You can then go on to create a wedding invitation card that is as unique as the love you two share!

The wedding wording ideas

Tell the tale of your proposal :Write something that tells the story of your proposal in your invitation such as – “he proposed to her, it was a fairytale. She said yes and it was surreal.” And then insert the photographs of the two of you on your dates or insert some newly taken photos that tell the story of your love through these pictures. It will be the perfect way to invite your guests.

Also, if it deems fit add the names of the bride and groom as you go in your poem or let the words flow naturally. The rhyme has its own tune. Later at the end you can add the date of the ceremony and the venue of course

If you happen to love your music For those that have a fascination for music, you can make a wedding invite that has lyrical notes – you can even go for an audio invite. That’ be truly unique the wordings can be of your choosing.

For the music lovers the best words that can be on the wedding invite card can be – “this (insert season) harmony meets melody to create a wonderful song that speaks of nothing but love. Please join us as we create the song for our life.”

There can be nothing more perfect than the bride and groom who are madly in love to have these words on their wedding invite. These words speak about a love that is beyond time itself. It checks out the criteria of both authenticity and uniqueness.

For a couple that loves Bollywood

Do you and your partner have a movie that brought you two closer? Do you have a history of going out together to see some movie that you could not forget? Are you a filmi couple? If you answered yes on any one of those questions then you, my friend are a Bollywood fan couple and you must get the perfect invite for your occasion.

The best wordings for this Desi couple on their wedding invite can be – “Jab We Met, Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha…. Ab Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge…” followed by the date. Then you can end with another movie name that invites the guests cordially. This will tell the guests that you are a couple that is whacky at its best. It is the best way to announce that you are going to have a gala Bollywood style shaadi.

When the couple has a great sense of humor

Does he couple have a good sense of humor? Does humor bond the two of you? First of all that makes you a really cool couple and if you can show that off on your wedding invite you will be a hit Jodi that’s for sure.

To make the wedding invite interesting you can add some funny lines on your wedding invites. A lot of times the wedding invites are sent to the elders of the family. So you can go with some wordings that will appeal to all generations. Here you can put anything like “life’s getting real. Even my wedding is here. Please come and see me before my last freedom dear…”

It is to say that the bride and groom would be tied forever and ever in marriage and the guests are invited to come and give them a greet before that. To make the point go across put a few emojis in the text. The thing with humor is it has to really get across. So even if you decide to shuffle the words according to you, just make sure that it is known that you are intentionally humorous.

For those that love the traditional wedding

So what if you want a traditional wedding? You can go all out and have the most fun with them by wording them accordingly. Yes, you can have a unique and yet classy wedding card too. We will tell you how.

Simply put these delightful wordings on your wedding cards – “destiny brought us together. Love sealed our fates. You are invited to the official event where we exchange our vows and seal our hearts forever…”

Even though it sounds a tad bit romantic, it will bring the right zest for the wedding into the event. It is the best way you can get your wedding ideas across and still have the perfect thing to say for an elegant invite.

For the couple who were best friends

A couple that has the perfect bond should have the perfect invite also. This is the reason we have brought to you some of the best lines that you can put on your wedding card.

These are –

“two strangers met and became best friends…. Now they are going to become life long friends. Come join us in our journey! We would very much like to have your presence in our wedding.”

These words are best for the couple that is going to have a very relaxed wedding. So not just for the best friends but for any couple that has a very awesome frequency match, this invitation is a must. It is warm and unique. Try it out.

A tabular review

Serial no. Formal wedding invite Informal wedding invite
1 Arrange marriage For love marriage
2 For a classy wedding For a couple that loves the same thing
3 A simple wedding For a couple that has known each other for a very long time

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