8 Ways of binding Turban for grooms to look Wow

8 Ways of binding Turban for grooms to look Wow

While the bride is selecting her lehenga, you better select your turban. Yes, we are talking to the groom. You have so few options to choose from always. However, we will make sure that your turban is not one of the fewer choices. Actually in India different types of turban are worn. Some may actually be of your taste. You don’t have to go with the flow – try something unique. Also, in a wedding, the relatives and the male friends are all wearing those common turbans. You want yours to stand out.

8 Ways of binding Turban for grooms to look Wow

We have a few choices here that might suit your style. It must be remembered that the choice of turban is always to go with the sherwani or the suit you are wearing. So it is best advised that you buy the turban at the end. Shop for the suit or your sherwani first and then get on with it. The best part is that you won’t be breaking rules either – all of these head gears are a part of the Indian custom and traditions. Choose anyone and you represent the traditions. So why not have a little fun with them? Tweak them to your style, like this:

  1. First of all – The traditional safa

On the day of the wedding, the safa is the first thing you will be noticed by. As you enter the wedding venue, the girl’s side will see your safa and locate you amongst the rest of your relatives. So it is pretty special – it is your introductory statement. On the day of the wedding some of the relatives of the bride will be seeing you for the first time, now it is your turn to make an impression that says you are the man. The safa’s role among all of this is immense. The safa was earlier worn by the Kings and the Princes. It was a symbol of “pride and honor” for them. The same goes for the men of the family even if it is o the bride’s side. Don it with the same sentiment – the safa doesn’t usually require a lot of attention for you. You can put it on either way and completely rock it. If you are the laid back groom, then you will find this one is just right for you. You can also read the article about Different ways of wearing stole for a groom

  1. Add embellishments and accessories

When faced with an option you have the choice to play with the accessories. The heavy safa usually looks good but make sure that it is properly attached as well. You can add a big jeweled brooch, also called the “kalgi” to it. If you happen to add a kalgi, make sure that it matches the color of your head gear. The idea is to make the brooch outshine the turban so that it looks awesome for the event for you. On the other hand you can go with turbans or safas that are already loaded with a lot of embroidery. Embroidered safas don’t need an additional brooch. They can look gorgeous as they usually set the groom apart from the rest of the male members wearing turban.

The sole embroidered turban can be attached with a dangling chain of pearls to make you look regal. You can also attach just a single long feather to add the find touch to it. The kalgis are the ones that are usually studded with gem stones or pearls or crystals. For an extra shine always wear a kalgi with a turban that has a solid background color on it.

  1. Sehra – The flower veil

The sehra system was started because in the earlier days the bride and groom were not allowed to see each other before the wedding. So the sehra system began to cover the face of the groom while the purdah system began to make the bride cover her face. Many communities still consider it a bad omen for the bride and the groom to see each other before the wedding. This is the sole reason the flowers are attached to the safas. You can go this route if you are the shy kind – or if you would rather stay behind the veil than face large crowd of people.  You can also do it if you would like to enjoy the fresh fragrance of the flowers. This is a really great custom that many people can actually enjoy. Many Bollywood celebrities like Abhishek Bachchan and Riteish Deshmukh have done it.

  1. The partial sehra

This type of Sehra does not cover the full face. It is attached to the safa in a very light manner and is usually attached with pearls. You can see this style in many movies. It gives a modern as well as traditional feel to the entire ceremony. You can go ahead with this style if you like a simplistic safa design.

Different Styles of Sehra

Peshwa Style

There’s a latest trend – the Peshwa trend of tying the safa. This style came forward with the movie “Bajirao Mastani”. The groom can take inspiration not just from the turban but from the entire Bajirao Mastani outfit for their wedding.


There is no style that looks more regal than the Tissue style. If you happen to have a little beard also, this style will look fabulous. None other than the Royal Pataudi Junior had worn this during his marriage with Kareena.


The Rajasthani pagdis are filled with embellishments and they are quite heavy. If you can carry it off then it is fine and good, but don’t take pressure because the pagdis really carry a lot of weight.


You can play with many colors with the Marwari pagdis. The advantage is that with this type of pagdi you won’t need a lot of accessories – just pick a cloth of different colors and get on with it.

Additional tips when choosing the binding turbans

  • Choose the right fabric: the traditional safa is of cotton. The cotton is the best choice since you have to wear it on your head for long periods of time and this fabric can give you comfort. However, nowadays the grooms are also playing with the fabrics quite a bit given that they are wearing different fabrics for their sherwani. So if you are wearing a silk sherwani – it is a good option to go with silk sherwani. However, silk sherwani can be slippery on your hair. In all ways, make sure that whatever you choose is 100% comfortable.
  • Customize it for the perfect fit: Earlier grooms had their hands tied. There was a single length for all turbans and the same fit. But guess what? Times have changed. “One size fits all” is obsolete now. You can even get designer turbans made for yourself – with your right size. If the turban is not fit on your head, any additional efforts to make it look nice will be in vain. Go for custom made safas – which most grooms are doing now to get the right look.

Some other types of turbans –

No. Types Style
1 Mewari A small turban without tail, fashionable
2 Jodhpuri Basic turban, steeper incline
3 Royal Long tail, basic
4 Banarasi Twisted on one side

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