Ways to Search for Sherwani for Grooms

Ways to Search for Sherwani for Grooms

Choosing the right sherwani for the groom is as important as choosing the right dress for the bride. When it comes to men’s clothes there are so many things you have to keep in mind. This is because if you do any mistake in dressing up, you will look like a total flop. Similarly dressing up according to your own tastes will make you look like the confident groom that you should look like. This is why we always stress upon dressing as per your comfort level. This goes for all types of clothes that you choose for the wedding.

Ways to Search for Sherwani for Grooms

However, with Sherwani, there are a few more things that you have to keep in mind. Today we will tell you how you can search for the perfect sherwani for you during the wedding. These are the basic things that you have to keep in mind –

Settle on the colors first

Let her (your fiancé) know what color you are choosing for the wedding sherwani. If she thinks it will not go along with the clothes that she is choosing then you must reconsider. Moral of the story: make sure that your choice of colors complement hers and not clash with hers. For example, if she is going with red, you can go with white sherwani with red pants. Red and white are a good color combination.

Also coming back to you as a groom, there are many choices that have opened up in color. For example, you might think that blue or turquoise is too girly. But that is not the case – these colors like deep purple, blue shades, etc, are being very much appreciated these days.

Also if in doubt, always go with the bride’s gut. Chances are that she has thoroughly thought through how the color contrast should look like on the mandap. Colors like wine red and off white are more traditional looking.

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Keep your body type in mind

The worst thing that can happen to the groom is going to the wedding and finding out that you have the wrong fit. When you visit the store, check out the patterns that suit your body’s shape.

There are three body types – Tall and skinny, short, and bulky. These three types have to choose sherwani that highlight their good parts and hide their weak areas. Hence, there are individual tips for choosing the dress for each of these types.

  1. Short in height
  • If you are short in height, then sadly the sherwani is not for you. You can go with Jodhpuri suits or formal wear. These will complement your length and make you look taller.
  • Even if you do choose to go with it, make sure there are not many embellishments. The mantra for you should be minimal. That will give the illusion of a proper set up.
  1. Skinny tall man
  • When choosing the sherwani go for lighter shades. Since you are skinny, you need to look bulkier. The lighter shades like white and off white will do that for you. Stay away from red and purple.
  • Don’t choose a single colored sherwani. For example a sherwani that has the same color from head to toe is a strict no-no. It will make you look skinnier. You need to wear different colored bottom and kurta. Also, multi colored sherwanis are good for you.
  • Stay away from the straight cut kurta. Make sure that you have a formal suit – which will make you look bulkier. A straight cut sherwani or kurta will just highlight your negative aspect. If you didn’t get time to hit the gym and bulk up, just adjust your sherwani accordingly and you are good to go.
  • Avoid vertical stripes – go for horizontal ones. If you have a single stripe on your shoulder (horizontal), then it will give the illusion of broader shoulders.
  1. Heavier man
  • If you have a big tummy and you want to hide it, make sure you wear something tight. On the contrary, most men tend to go for baggier sherwani – not realizing that it just makes them look fatter. Instead, go for a tighter one – it will make you look trim.
  • Never ever go for the panels. The panels will just highlight all the wrong sides of your body – making all the good sides disappear. If the panels are for example, near the derriere, then it will highlight how big of a posterior you have. Panels are not for your body type.
  • Monochrome is your mantra. When looking for the right sherwani, go for the same color from head to toe. This will actually make you look skinny. You can cut down a few kilos just by matching your bottoms with your sherwani color.

This is basically how you search for the sherwani by your body type. But this is just one aspect of it.

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Now this is where the groom should have the final say. After all – you are the one who is going to sport the style throughout the event. Make your bride know that you have some awesome tastes by flaunting your style.

You can choose modern cravats if you are the classy and elegant groom. If bohemian is your style, then define it by going Indo-western. There is always much to explore. You can also choose something that is totally different from the norm. It is your day – you have to flaunt your tastes for sure.

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The right fabric

Okay this is perhaps the first thing that you should notice. If the fabric is not right then it doesn’t matter if the rest of the dress suits your style or your body type. Hence, always see if the fabric is right and most importantly, comfortable to carry. You have to remain in the cloth for a very long time.

While your bride will be carrying herself in a beautiful lehenga or Saree, you have to look as stunning. Wearing a wrong or low quality fabric will take off the glitz from the sherwani. Then it will become really bad looking and dull.

This is your day and all eyes are going to be on you. You don’t want to wear a cheap quality sherwani that loses its luster after some time.


Now you know what you have to look for according to your body type, but you also need to know what will fit you and what will not. Try different lengths and if possible, take advice from the showroom assistants or your friends. Whatever you choose, remember to choose to be comfortable in that.

Fittings are one thing that can make or break your look. This is why it has been explained in detail above. However, when you are in the showroom, if you like a dress and it does not fit you perfectly, you should ask if there is a way to get it altered according to your shape.

Also ensure that your sherwani looks equally gorgeous when you are sitting down. Just have a seat and take your time to decide. Take some trusted friends or family with you while choosing.

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1 Dark colors and small patterns Conceal tummy
2 Trendy Traditional style Bandhgala
3 Sherwani for skinny Jacket style

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