Ways to keep Mehndi for long lasting

Ways to keep Mehndi for long lasting

Mehndi is one of the important elements in any Indian occasions. Be it Rakhi, Deewali, Eid, Bhaiduj, Vrats, Puja or anything, mehndi plays an important role. The biggest even where Mehndi is needed is Weddings. Not only the brides, but also the friends and relatives of the bride and groom decorate their hands with colourful mehndi designs.

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Also mehndi carries a deep belief related to weddings. People believe that the darkest the mehndi’s colour shows the strongest bond between the husband and wife after marriage. Some say, dark mehndi color shows the strong bonding between the mother-in-law and the bride after marriage. In either case it is important to have dark and long lasting mehndi colour on hands or feet for a bride. There are some Do’s and Don’ts that can be followed while you are decorating mehndi on your hand and feet so that you get darkest color.

Ways to keep Mehndi long lasting

Things you must do before applying mehndi :

  • Clean your hand: Wash your hands or feet where you want to apply mehndi properly with soap. Oil, moisture and such will prevent the mehndi colour to place on your hand. Make sure there is no dirt or hair in there.
  • Don’t move yourself much: I know it is bit tough to sit at a stretch for a long time, but it is recommended not to move you much while applying the mehndi. It can ruin the design. Collect all your needful things like towel, cloth, mehndi oil, sugar juice, lemon and so on so that you don’t need to move from your place.
  • Finish all your pending work prior to mehndi: if you want to go to washroom, or need to finish some other work that requires water, then finish them before you apply mehndi on your hand or feet. Working while applying mehndi can ruin the flow of the design and mehndi colour can be smudged. Please read the article Make Your Mehndi (Henna)Unique: Add Some Colored Stones to It

Things you must not do while applying mehndi:

  • Don’t sit under the Sun: many people think sitting under the Sun can help to dry the mehndi, but it is not true. Sitting under the Sun and consuming more sunlight can smudge the design; break the mehndi lines, before it gets in touch with the skin.
  • Don’t wash your hand: don’t wash your hand or get in touch with water while applying mehndi.
  • Don’t use lotion or moisturizer: if you have dry skin, then you will probably get darker mehndi colour. Applying lotion, oil or any kind of moisturizer before applying mehndi can stop the mehndi to hold the colour.
  • Don’t move your hand: while applying mehndi, don’t curve or bend your palm or feet. It can spoil the design and smudge the mehndi colour to other parts of the palm. Please read the article to know about Peacock Mehndi Design: a Symbol of love.

Things you must do after applying mehndi:

  • Apply the mehndi at least 2 days prior to the occasion: mehndi takes more colour after 1 or 2 days of applying and removing. So make sure you apply mehndi at least 2 days prior to your occasion. So you will get the darkest colour on the day of the event.
  • Keep the mehndi for longer time: As long as you keep the mehndi on your hand, it takes darker colour. After applying the mehndi, keep it at least for 6 hours or more.
  • Frequently apply sugar and lemon juice: lemon and sugar are the best friends of mehndi colour. Keep it with you. Frequently apply the sugar coated lemon juice on the semi-dried parts of the mehndi and let it dry. Once you find the juice is getting dried apply some more juice to it.
  • Keep your hand warm: try to keep your hand warm. Dry your hands above any hot plate, Tawa or something like that. Some may have warm palm normally. Good news for them is they can have the darkest mehndi colour on their palm.
  • Put some cloves in the tawa: if you are drying your mehndi using the hot Tawa, then put few cloves on them. Once the cloves get the heat, it will help your mehndi to take dark colour.
  • Remove your mehndi with oil: when you will remove your mehndi, after like 7-8 hours, apply mustard oil on it and remove with a knife.
  • Apply petroleum jelly or vicks gel: once you remove the mehndi, apply vaselin petroleum jelly or vicks gel and massage the palm evenly. The gel helps to darken the colour.

Things you must not do after applying the mehndi:

  • Don’t wash your hands: don’t wash your hands with soap or detergent after applying the mehndi. It takes at least 24 hours to take the real colour. Washing your hand with soap or something like that can prevent mehndi to take the colour.
  • Don’t take shower for 24 hours: try not to take shower within 24 hours of applying mehndi. If you have to take your shower before 24 hours then cover your hands with plastic bags. It may be hectic for you, but it gets your darker shade in your mehndi.
  • Don’t eat anything with mehndi: it is not only for the colour, but it is for your health as well. Don’t eat anything with the mehndi paste on. It may harm your body and also your mehndi can be smudged.
  • Don’t attempt waxing, manicure or pedicure after applying mehndi: waxing, pedicure or manicure can lighten the shade of your mehndi. Please make sure to do these things prior to mehndi application so that your skin gets clean and clear surface. Read an article to know about the pre-bridal beauty treatment.
  • Don’t try to blow dry your mehndi: after applying the paste some may use hair dryer to dry up the mehndi quickly. Never do such things as using blow dryer can spread the paste. Also the dryer’s temperature can be higher than what is needed, that may cause spoiling of the mehndi.
  • Don’t use old mehndi: try to make the mehndi or henna paste afresh at your home before applying it. If you have booked a mehndi designer and she is doing it on behalf of you then tell her to make a fresh paste before applying it. Old mehndi does not bring much colour.
  • Don’t forget to use mehndi oil: some may use the mehndi oil while making the paste; some use it while applying it. Use it anytime but never forget it. Mehndi oil is essential for the colour. You can also apply it on your palm just before applying the mehndi paste.
  • Don’t try to do regular household work: keep yourself away from the regular household work for at least 24 hours after applying mehndi. Cooking, washing and other work should not be done after applying mehndi paste.

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How to keep your mehndi long lasting – quick review

Dos Don’ts
Wash your hands before applying the paste Apply oil, lotion, moisturisers before applying mehndi
Collect all your needful before sitting for mehndi Sit under the sun
Eat, finish your work, visit washroom before applying mehndi Eat with mehndi paste on
Apply sugar and lemon juice on the paste Wash your hands with water
Warm your hands Take shower before 24 hours
Use hot Tawa and cloves to dry it Use old mehndi paste
Apply mustard oil or ghee while removing it Cook, wash or do regular household work
Keep the paste on for 6 hours or more Don’t blow dry your mehndi to dry it up quickly

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