Ways to make the perfect end of your wedding day

Ways to make the perfect end of your wedding day

Days and months of planning leads to the day you have been long waiting for. The wedding day is indeed one of the most special days of our lives. No wonder why couples want to make it absolutely unforgettable. Everything from the beginning to the end has to be special. From your arrival at the venue(lot of efforts has to put before finalize the venue) to the exit, everything must create an indelible memory on the mind.

There are some couples who are not just okay with the perfect wedding day. They also want to make the end of the day perfect. So, once you have walked down the aisle past the pews, you want to make the end of the day as incredible as everything else. Here are some ideas for you.

Ways to make the perfect end of your wedding day

End it with the night photograph

 End the night of the wedding day on a high note. Get yourself captured through the lenses in the night. Do it before you call it the evening. In fact, you should do it before packing up your stuff.

  • There are several ideas for the night photo shoot. Find a nearby spot with some trees. You will be able to seal the night beautifully by capturing the last moments of the day. A flash of light and the tree leaves will create a perfect backdrop. Drop the colors and make the photo black and white if you like.
  • There are so many ideas to make this photo shoot totally unforgettable. You can have the guests carrying the sparklers stand along the driveway. Let the guests hold up the burning sparklers. You get yourself shot kissing each other. Blur out the background so that the focus remains only on you two. You can also follow the link to get pre-wedding photo shoot ideas.
  • You can also stand at the spot with the lighting fixtures hanging above you but at a little distance. Let the photographer get down on his knees and take the shot at an elevated angle where the fixtures are in the background and the couple is kissing. Please follow this link to choose the right photographer for your wedding 

Go out for boating under the starry sky

Wedding day could be pretty tiresome. Once you exit the venue, you probably want to crash and sleep. But that’s not the perfect end of wedding day. There are indeed so many ideas to make it exceptionally wonderful. For example, you can go out for boating.

  • Plan this in advance so that you can find a peaceful and tranquil boating spot. Choose the place from where you can see the clear sky. While boating under the starry sky you will feel the true romance.
  • Hire a big boat so that you can even lie down on it comfortably. Do not row the boat yourself. This will steal away all your attention. In fact, hire an oarsman. Ask the oarsman to row the boat slowly so that you can enjoy the night.
  • Ask the oarsman if he could sing a song for you. If the oarsman is willing and sings well it will truly make the end of the day perfect. If the oarsman doesn’t sing you can still get some music. Carry a portable music player with you.
  • Play gentle and soothing music that matches the occasion. Ask your partner for the music preference. Lie down on the boat and let it sale slowly over the calm water while you stare at the starry star with fingers interlocked. It will be the night you will remember forever.
  • Do not forget to carry a bottle of champagne or your favorite wine along. Sailing on the boat while sipping your favorite wine will be truly incredible.
  • Boating is a good idea because it will also help you relax a bit. With gentle, soothing wind blowing over your face, all your fatigue will be swept away. You will reach your home or hotel room more rejuvenated.

 An after party

  • Your friends and family come to your big day to see you get married — but no one wants to see an elongated ceremony. You could keep the actual proceedings brief and throw a lavish after party later, so that you two can also enjoy.
  • You could even indulge in the Open Bar. While open bars can be costly on your pocket but there are ways to make it work on any budget. Consider offering just beer and wine or a few cocktail options if you need to cut back.
  • Since we are talking about cocktails, serve one or two delicious customized drinks. It’ll offer you a huge savings if you do without a full bar, and it makes your after party feel so personal.
  • Another option is to create a DIY Bar, your guests will love making and drinking their own treats. Be in your wedding attire, that’s what will make it more fun!

Go for romantic long drive 

  • If you two need some time off alone, long drive is a brilliant idea where you could cherish every moment that you spend with your beloved. Here are some romantic and really cute ways to make your car a complete love shrine for both of you.
  • Keep a pen drive full of romantic songs and not only listen to them but also sing along with your spouse. Trust me you will be flabbergasted on how swiftly the time flies. It will fill your mood with feelings of love and care.
  • You can start asking him some intimate questions too. So invest some time for intimate questioning session or questions that you have always wanted to ask. Take the time to understand each other’s viewpoints on important and intimate topics.
  • Just keep your drive fun and romantic with little gestures of care, love songs and games and this will become one of the most beautiful long drives of your life.

Go out for a dinner date

  • Going for a dinner date is a wonderful wedding day end idea. It adds the element of love and romance. Dinner date on the day of the wedding is something absolutely unique. Therefore, there will be a lot of excitement in it.
  • It is important to choose the right restaurant for the date. You may want to know the preference of your partner in this case. Go out for date to one of the finest restaurants in town. You can truly make the end of the wedding day special with it.
  • The restaurant should have the romantic ambiance. If your partner loves live music, you can truly have the best moment of the day dining at such a place.

Karaoke Night is also a great idea

  • This is another unique after wedding idea which many may not have thought about. You can head to the karaoke bar with your partner. If both of you are okay, you can also tag along your friends. You can truly have some wonderful moments.
  • The things will become even more fun when one of you is a bad singer. Making the mess of the song and music during karaoke night is a different fun altogether. It would be a perfect option to end the wedding day with lots of laughter and memories.
  • Look for the place which is made especially for the couples. You may want to change from the wedding dress to a regular dress before going.
  • At last you must say thank you to all guest.

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