Ways to recycle your unusable wedding things

Ways to recycle your unusable wedding things

Everybody knows that we look forward to our wedding more than we enjoy the marriage part. This is why it is the hardest to get rid of the stuff you used on your wedding. There are so many memories attached to it. However, this article will help you use/reuse/or get rid of them in a way that would make you feel a little bit better, at the end of the day. A wedding planner always forget this to budget for.

It is easier to get rid of those wilting flowers, candles etc. but what do you do to your hard–found, exclusively your wedding décor items. Without clear planning there is a chance these items will find their way into the garbage, however, this article will help you successfully reusing, recycling or reselling your wedding items.

Recycle your wedding things


It is very easy to throw away decorations or forgotten amidst the wedding celebration. This you can avoid by preparing for clean-up. One of the best ways known to do this is to pre-label boxes and assign each item to a person. This way, while you are busy playing the bride or the groom, someone has your back.


Wedding dress is one of the things that are most close to our hearts. This is why it needs special consideration:

Sell it: Reselling wedding dress is a good way to pay off your post wedding bills. Selling is better than trashing your dress, any day.Please follow the link to know about the dresses you can wear on your wedding day

Recycle/up cycle it: One of the best ways is to recycle your dress is to color your dress to make it completely different, appliqué the embroidery on a new dress. Please follow the link to know the things you can buy and rent.

Transform it: Use it to make a princess dress for your daughter. You could also make nice lacy or satin cousin covers for your drawing room.

Donate: You can even donate it, which is all gains to quench your thirst for virtue. After all, what could be dearer to you than your own wedding dress?

Pass it down: but wait, before you pick any of the above options, check with your daughter. Just make sure to have it cleaned and packed by a professional. It may have to sit for a while before being put to us again.


While buying stuff for your wedding, take a step back and think of your purchases as part of your life. This would help you invest your money on stuff more long lasting than just your wedding day. If you need vases consider buying vases that you can use after wards for home décor. If not you, buy something that someone from the friends and family could use. Buy shoes, accessories etc that can be worn in your daily routine. Please follow the link to know whether zardosi shoes are good enough to wear in wedding or not


There are many sites, especially for wedding stuff, where you could sell your items. If not those there are other popular online selling sites you could find refuge in. To do this, you need to have a list of all the items you used and those you want to sell. Ask a trustworthy friend or family member to help you sort this out. Tell them to take pictures of things with high-quality camera from different angles. After all, organization equals half-work-done.


If you feel like doing some good for others, this step is definitely for you. Donate your stuff, if you have a kaamwali baai chances are either she, her sister or her daughter will need some stuff. Giving away your stuff may just be a ‘getting rid marathon’ for you, but for her it could mean answers to her prayers. So give a boost to your moral side and help being an answer to their call.

In addition, you could also use social media and other networks to help refine your search. Websites that work for this particular purpose could be a great help too.


Chuck your unusable wedding items while having a party. Ask your girlfriends to come over for a nice Sunday brunch while they can buy stuff from your yard sale. You could also spread the word in the neighborhood, through flyers or social media. You can make your own flea market at home and tryst me, it is going to be a lot of fun.


You can both save or use one of the above options for some of the items like, curtains and vases, but it won’t be a bad deal in if you save them for future get together and parties, or just for home décor.


Getting rid of wedding décor and other stuff can be a pain in the behind. Some of us would not want to take it home from the venue and deal with (read: de-clutter) it as soon as possible. A great way is to send those items with your guests. For example, flower arrangements, excess linen or food. This will accomplish not only your tide-up mission, but also earns you blessings and praises from your guests, and if it is the in-laws, there is no loss only gain!


Most of the people may not, but some of us are definitely big on this one. Just like you preserve your wedding card, you can literally you’re your dress in a frame or by making it corset cut or the choli of your lehenga. The items you used on your wedding for example, the vases, the props for pictures, the banners, etc could all be made into decorative items to be placed around your house. It is a great way to remember most memorable day of your life without watching the actual DVD.


While many of the weddings in India are not totally planned by us (comes with the venue package), there are a few pre-wedding events that friends and family take the pain to arrange. Mehndi, sangeet are few functions where you will have a chance to DIY crafts and will have a chance to use for future events.


If you used the DIY or bought stuff on your wedding, chances are it is a well-done project and can be rented to others. This is a great way to earn money and if you are good at it, you can become the new entrepreneur and have your own business. Who knows you might become the next biggest wedding planner, just saying!

Make a list of what items you would use Dress: Personally, keep the dress. You can always consider other options afterwards
Categorize everything based on type and cost Decorations: You can both keep and discard the decoration based on their condition. Of course if you already bought rented ones. Keeping may not be an option.
Pen down items you will give away, save, rent, sell or donate Wedding card: not something you could rent or give away, but also not something to de-junk. Frame and hang as a beautiful memory around the house
Save a box for all those items Flower arrangements: give away as wedding favors to the guests
Assign each item to be collected in those boxes by your friends Wedding Gifts: not all but some people have the ritual of exchanging gifts with their guests. Whilst spending so much on the wedding already, getting presents or people may be a hard one. However, the gifts you think you won’t use; you can give away to your guests. Make sure you don’t give the same gift to the one who got it for you.
Once collected, follow one of the options mentioned above Food: Give away the food

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