15 Ways to search the best Mehndi artist in your town

15 Ways to search the best Mehndi artist in your town

The most important part of the wedding. If you are born in this part of the world, you probably have already tried your hand on Mehndi. Be it the classic tikka design or the typical one flower in the middle of the palm, you have done it all. For those of you who had little sisters had the best canvases to brush up on their Mehndi abilities, but for those who did not have that option available, well, they out did everyone by dragging their little brothers and cousins to sacrifice their hands in return for a candy or probably nothing, if you were way too bossy.

Alas! Even after all this, some of you still could not perfect their art. And even if you did, there are some days when you just do not want to it and would rather feel pampered and have someone do it for. Am I right? Right, so keeping in mind that very fact, this article will give you some heads up about how to find that perfect Mehndi artist.

15 Ways to search the best Mehndi artist in your town


Yep! When planning on things for you big day or some important event, research well ahead. So you know exactly what is the “in” designs, and what you are looking for. You may want to have that one design tattooed on you that you had in mind since you were a little girl, but you never know, looking into the newest trends may well result into change of mind. So keep it rolling. Latest mehndi design in the town is Lace Glove Heena.


Once you have researched, it is to pick and drop your potential artist. Plus you can go on and on with motifs for that particular style of Mehndi. Some of the popular Mehndi styles are, Arabic style Mehndi, Pakistani Style Mehndi, Indo-Arabic style Mehndi, Colored stone in mehndi designs, Moroccan style Mehndi, Mughlia style Mehndi, peacock mehndi design  and our very own, Indian style Mehndi. Of course each has further more types, but these are the main ones.


Like I said, if you are born in this part of the world, you might just be in a lot of luck. Just like you tried to perfect the art (that is considered a plus point for when looking for a bahu, well, may be in some cases), chances are others in your family have done the same. Did someone just remind of my sisterly canvases?! Ahem, ahem.

So, before you look for someone outside, quickly go through your own network. See if someone could do it for you, which you will, I am sure. If no, then ask a friend to ask one of their friends and you will have your hands on someone good.


Promotion is everything in a business. This means that you can find lots and lots of ambitious entrepreneurs on facebook and other such social networking sites. Just search for them, there is a high chance you will find something. If you want to go a step ahead, post it on the online pages for your locality and someone who is an artist might get in touch with you. This is also a great way for better suggestions. Make sure you mention the date of your event and other service you expect from them.


Another go to place for Mehndi is a beauty salon. Gone are the days when mehndi was a side thing. Now a days girls want everything to be perfect, be it the dress, the hair, the makeup, basically everything, and Mehndi is one of them. This is exactly why almost all Indian salons have Mehndi packages. Since it is a salon, the artist is probably good. So you can always count on them. Please follow the link to know what can be the difference dresses a bride can wear on her wedding.

Search the online pages of the salons; go through the pictures they might have uploaded, if no, private message to ask for some. Gather your top salon options, take a day out to visit and meet with the artists one on one, ask for the availability and rates and go ahead to book them.


You are probably at an age where most of your friends are getting hitched. So use this invaluable asset to your best interest. Getting first hand information as to how great or worse the artist was at your friend’s wedding can pave a way to having a great one at yours. So keep that option open.


Do not under estimate the power of blogs. People are big on blogging and sharing their experiences. It is also a great way to publicize ones art, so chances are you will get your hands at something useful. Keep trying.


Not all gossip is good, but can sometimes get you valuable knowledge. You might over hear about a good option.



You might get your hands on an artist, but what is important is the clarity of the designs. An artist may be a know it all Mehndi artist, but in most cases only one or a couple of styles are prime to the artist, and if you happen to book them for a design that they are still a virgin to, chances are you will become their canvas too (remember, the canvas)!


Once you have a style and an artist in your mind, look for how much experience they have. If you are bride, ask them if they have worked with a bride before and how many brides. Know if their main style is bride or other.  You can ask for a portfolio of their work. This will give you first hand understanding of the finish and execution of their work. Moreover, you will have a source to choose from for your own design. It is the best option, because you would know that your artist can pull it off, which is not so much the case for something the artist has not tried before.


Attitude of the artist is very important. Stay away from the “know it all” types. Choose someone who is willing to work until you are satisfied. Of course you cannot do that by having them try it on you, but what are your girls for? Make sure the person is friendly, you want to have fun and feel easy on your for your special or even if it is some other event. A general feeling of goodwill is always sweet.


Although some trials come with a fee, you definitely want to do one, as you risk wasting a lot of money. Now of course you would not want to have the artist try a permanent for two weeks or more Mehndi on you, so have you girls try it on them. And if the trial is free of cost, from a professional, getting one is not such a bad idea. It is definitely a treat for the girls.


Just like everything else is progressing around us, Mehndi too has a lot of different types of products to offer. Of course it does not mean that every new one coming out is good for you, know your skin type and choose accordingly. Most of the new Mehndi products are coming out based on the claim of better color, so know exactly what and how much color you want. Some come in different colors too, black, auburn and brown, choose based on your color preferences.

I will also take this space to mention that most of the new products come with now-a-popular-claim i.e. better color in short time, this may sound tempting, but it comes with a price. There have been people who reported that they got the worst blisters after applying these Mehndi products. Of course, no one wants to freak out getting skin problems just before the event. The best you can do is to have the Mehndi applied at least a day before the event. This way you will not have to use the instant Mehndi, and even if you have to, make sure you try it on not an invisible part of body, if it suits apply it on the desired areas otherwise do not.


Knowledge about the art is very important. Sometimes you want one thing but it might not be the best choice for you, and your artist should be able to tell you that. Let say, for example, you want black or dark Mehndi, and you also happen to have dark skin, it is common knowledge that black color Mehndi is a “no-no” for you. It can be your litmus test too (true, if you have dark skin), in case your artist does not tell you that you should probably not hire him. Same goes for the motifs.


Now that you have checked all the boxes do not hesitate to go ahead and book the artist. A good artist will often be booked months in advance. So do it right away.

Please follow the link to know how to keep mehndi for long lasting.

So what do we get here:

Search way ahead your due day Do not bother to search
Know what you want It is okay, go for whatever you comes first in front of your eyes
Look for someone in La familia. I bet you have a good option around Do not bother to look for your nearest, easiest option
Go for  a professional assistance  Not looking for any. Just ask your maid to do it
Ask your friends for recommendations The maid, remember!
Bridal blogs, please. No research
Have a good ear and listen to what people have to say. Can be a potential suggestion Do not look for any recommendations. Dive into it right away
Never, never ignore the importance of the add ons May well ignore them. the maid , remember!

So, if you follow the ‘how to choose an artist’ exclusively, you probably will find yourself someone. If you do not, go over the article and read this one liner once more.

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