Ways To Use Vegetables For Decoration

Ways To Use Vegetables For Decoration

Alright, so a lot of things could be decorated with vegetables. Be it you home, garden, your kitchen or your dining table. You just need to pick the right one, work it the right way and Ta-da, you have your décor.

When we talk about vegetable decoration, it is mostly regarding food; however this article would help you find out exactly how many ways you could decorate with vegetables.

 Ways To Use Vegetables For Decoration


Traditionally vegetables being edible are thought only to be used for eating purpose and at most, to decorate food. However, the world is becoming innovative and almost everything is about creativity and art. So why not extend it to not just food but even home décor. Following are some ways to décor your house and give it a fresh, green look.

Décor with vegetable gardening: Planning a vegetable garden is a great way to decorate your garden or your back-yard. It is a great way to provide fresh delicious vegetables for your family. It is perfect to add something to the environment and saving some grocery bucks. More than anything else, this would also be a perfect way to give a healthy green look to your home.

Container garden: I know, I know, gardening automatically makes you think of a big backyard where you could grow lanes and lanes of different vegetables, why blame? The above point explains that exactly.

Anyhow, if you are a beginner this would be perfect for you. If things do not work out and the plants die, no one has to re-patch and re-seed the lawn. In fact you would not need a lawn. All you need to have is little glass containers (ideally), however, you can use what is available.

This would be great to decorate your gallery or the windows. One of the best places o put those container plants is your bathroom, but of course, growing just plants is way different than growing vegetables so may be bathroom won’t be  good idea, but hey there is no hard and fast rule. Putting a green salad plan in the window won’t be a bad idea after all.

Dried vegetables: If you think dried vegetables are only used for cooking purposes or something your mom did to make achaar, think again! Dried vegetables and vegetable flakes are used for home décor as well. Keep a check on the vegetable rates, when you think the rates are affordable buy a bunch and dry them as it is. Some of the best options are onion and garlic. Buy a kilo or two, let it sun-dry along with the skin, once it starts to lose its color and develop the faded shade, make an array of them and hang it on the kitchen wall.

Vegetable cans: As much as all of us know canned food is not the tastiest around, we all use it. if you know it is not the best tasting food, chances are you have had it and are holding on to those cans it comes in. here is what you could do with them. First off, use it for growing plants. You could also spray paint them; use it for cutlery, flower jars or center pieces. Just go creative with it.


One of the best and traditional ways to use vegetables is to decorate your food. Or to be more precise, eat the very decorations.

Edible bouquet: You must have received and given bouquets to your loved ones, but how often have you eaten them? Vegetable bouquet however, is one you can both eat and present to your guests. Adding vegetables to skewers is a fun way to the traditional veggie tray. You could use beat root, cucumber, radish, baby carrots, broccoli etc.

Center piece: Looking for a nice center piece for your table, what could be better than the edible itself? Opt for color vegetables, make either a bouquet or place it in a basket pairing it with some fruits or just arranging them in a platter, it is up to you.

Follow a theme: If you are prepping a dinner for a holiday, vegetable salad tray is something you can play around with. For instance, if it is Christmas you can use broccoli to make the tree branches, baby tomatoes to give impression of Christmas lights, carrots and white radish for the rest of decorations.

Whatever the theme may be, do your research, take inspiration from one of the major elements of that holiday and decorate around that.

Vegetable Tray: Okay, so, no one is new to a vegetable tray. All of us have had it, seen it or at least want to have one. Use the vegetables of your choice; arrange them in a nice appealing way. Of course, vegetable platter is incomplete without a dip. This is a great way to add color and aestheticism to your dinner table.

Water melon lolly: Okay, okay, you might think I have gone mad to list water melon as a vegetable, but take a moment and do your research; water melon is both a fruit and vegetable so we are good. Take a stencil of your choice, cut it and stick a skewer through it and bam! It is ready to go.

Cucumber flowers/leaves: this one is the easiest and tested. Cucumber is one the major elements of fresh salad. Serving it in a creative would make the salad platter the prettiest. All you have to do is to peel the cucumber, then run a fork down the side and really dig in now cut slices and you would have yourself lovely cucumber flower slices. You can also make whole cucumber flower.

Baby Carrots: Baby carrots are the cutest of all other vegetables. Even though the round ended baby carrots cannot be pulled off perfectly at home. Nevertheless, you could still cut them at home and play around with them decorating the perfect salad tray for your dinner table.

Tomato rose: This is the best for two reasons, one: you could use the pulp for making curry, two: you could use the peel to make roses to garnish both salads and curries.

Simple, chopped garnish: Last but not the least, one of the most favorite Indian way of decoration is to garnish our curries, rice and raita with chopped parsley, rose marry or mint.

Vegetables could be used both ways

Just needs clarity

Grow small scale vegetables in cans and decorate your house with it Give aesthetic sense to your table through a good looking vegetable bouquet
DIY the home décor by using dried vegetables Canter piece for the table, again use bouquet or plain cut vegetable would do the job
Use those cans you bought for off season vegetable cravings for decoration or DIY projects for kids Theme it up, be creative with holiday food
Vegetable tray is globally the most traditional way to serve beautifies vegetables. So go for it
Who doesn’t love water melon lolly. Bring out the child in you and stencil yourself some fun shapes
You Can use a whole lot of vegetables for carving out flowers and leaves, but since cucumber is home for us, make flowers and leaves and all other carvings to beautify your table
Use baby carrots for the perfect tinge of color orange or pink to your table. It is a must for your platter
Be it home or restaurant, this is probably the easiest and most celebrated way to dress the Indian food
Chop, chop and garnish

Use the above options and plan a perfect decoration for both your home and your dinner table.

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