Wedding Customs in the UK

Wedding Customs in the UK

There are many amazing and picturesque places for weddings to be held at in the United Kingdom. These places include a variety of beautiful country areas, shorelines and even some older castles in some parts of the UK.

Weddings in the UK are very beautiful. A big part of what makes them so special comes from the many customs that people hold for weddings within the UK.

Wedding Customs in the UK

The Banns of Marriage

Before a marriage, the banns of the marriage are to be posted. This is a notice that is typically posted for the public to see at a registry office or at a local church parish. This message states that two people are going to be married. This is used as an official announcement of the wedding but it is also important for legal purposes. It is a message to inform people that they can bring about any legal issues that might come about with regards to whether or not a couple should be married. This includes cases where a marriage would be invalid.

The Right People

There are many particular people that have to be contacted when it comes to getting a wedding ready:

  • The best man and maid of honour must be chosen. They are the respective people who will support the groom and bride throughout the wedding.
  • Groomsmen and bridesmaids must be hired. They are the male and female attendants that will assist the groom and bride with many functions relating to the wedding.
  • The ushers that will assist with keeping the wedding moving are typically men. This is usually a tradition although women may be able to help if necessary.
  • The attendant who carries the wedding rings should be a young boy. This is based on the tradition of purity and innocence that comes with the rings.
  • A younger girl should also be hired for spreading flowers in front of the bride and groom. This is also symbolic of the general innocence and purity of the married couple.
  • Junior bridesmaids can be hired by the bride. These are girls who are from eight to sixteen years of age and are too old to be flower girls but still want to be a key part of the wedding. They too can wear matching outfits.

Vehicles For the Wedding

The people attending the wedding will typically come to the ceremony in fancy vehicles. The couple, the best man and maid of honour and all other key figures will arrive in fine limos or other luxury cars. A horse-drawn carriage can also be hired for a more romantic setting although that might be better for a wedding in a rural setting.

Choosing the Right Date

The date for a wedding will have to be chosen carefully. A traditional rhyme suggests that those who are married on a Saturday will not have any luck in their lives. Meanwhile, those married from Monday to Wednesday will have the best of luck.

Wednesday is considered to be the luckiest day of the week for a marriage in the UK. Mondays are a day for promising a wealthy and fruitful marriage. Tuesdays are for promising good health and happiness throughout the wedding.

People can try and hold their weddings on other days of the week as a means of challenging fate. Most couples stick with Monday to Wednesday for their weddings though.

Choosing the Right Dress Colour

The colour of the bride’s dress is important to watch. While the bridesmaids often wear outfits in vibrant colours, the bride has to wear something a little simpler and ordinary. Specifically, she would typically wear a white dress. This is often paired with a blue garter under her dress to create a complete look. This is especially to add a sense of honesty and purity to one’s outfit. Blue is seen as a colour of being true to one’s love.

White is the best possible colour to have for how it highlights one’s pure emotions and feelings for the ceremony. This is a great colour to have but it is important to watch for how it is worn if the bride is a divorcee or widow. A more off-white tone is recommended for cases where the woman is being married for the second time. This is not required in such a case but it is still a good idea as a pure white colour might be a little too insensitive.

At the Reception

The meal at the reception is considered to be the focal point of a UK wedding reception. This is a time in the wedding when people are encouraged to relax and enjoy the scenery and occasion.

A Different Cake

The cake used in a wedding in the UK is typically different from other countries. In the UK, a fruit cake is often used. Fruit cake is especially more commonplace in the UK than in other parts of the world, thus making it a more popular choice here.

Sixpence in the Shoe

The woman’s shoe will typically feature a sixpence in it. This is a coin that was once minted in the United Kingdom It is not required, what with the sixpence no longer being minted, but it is still a sign of good luck.

What Is the Charivari?

The charivari is typically the last part of the wedding. This is seen as a form of hazing but in a more positive light. This entails wishing the new couple love and respect.

The most common form of the charivari involves tying a series of empty cans onto the back of the vehicle that the people will be leaving the wedding from. This is especially to let the world know that a couple has become married and is together at last. In some cases shaving foam may be sprayed onto the windows as a means of hope and love for the couple.

The things that can be done are especially amusing and seen as signs of support and love. However, the charivari is intended to be light in nature and positive without being harsh. The key is to show that one’s behaviors are positive.


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