What are the ways to choose right wedding planners?

What are the ways to choose right wedding planners?

Wedding” is the most appealing word for every couple of young age. Definitely marriage brings a huge change in everyone’s life. It is enjoyable and exciting to plan and prepare for the wedding and adjacent functions but it is surely not an easy task to implement the entire plans single handed. No doubt the planning is stressful and hectic. From choosing a venue to selecting food, clothes, jewellery – everything is not so simple to handle. However these days there is a bunch of professionals who make things easier for all. These professionals aka Wedding Planners share most of your stress by providing 360 degree wedding services or some of them offer a la carte services. Though wedding planners are the big help during a big fat Indian wedding where you find a large number of rituals from Haldi to Bidaai, but it is necessary for one to choose the right wedding planner for the special day as it comes once in a lifetime.

Make your choice of wedding

It is you who is getting married so it has to be your choice how you want your special day to be. As a first step you must make a choice how your wedding day rather wedding theme (if any) should be. Some prefers destination wedding while some goes for simple ones – whatever be the choice you must make it clear before choosing your wedding planner. On the basis of your choice you should start searching for a right fitted wedding planner.

What are the ways to choose right wedding planners

Set your budget

Budget is the most important thing in any occasion. You cannot just go for anything without knowing the cost of the occasion and your budget limit. Wedding is special and it comes once in your life but still practically your budget matters the most. Depending on your pocket you must search your planner who can serve you everything that you want within your limit.

Select portfolios of the planners

From the moment you decide to shift all your stress to a wedding planner you will have to search for the best fitted candidate for you. A right planner who will be able to provide all the needful elements within your budget is not a tough thing to do today. But yes, one must be careful about certain things while selecting them. Viewing and reviewing their portfolios is very important. You must review their work pattern, portfolios and every detail of their work before finalizing them. We should also careful about the problems that can happen during wedding.

Read reviews about them

In this era, it is not such a difficult job to research on something or someone. Before finalizing your selected wedding planner you can read about their work in multiple websites. Search for their work and feedback in any search engine and review them carefully. For an Indian wedding it is important to hire someone who is aware of every single ritual and its importance. Especially for the bride there are several things to be taken care of like clothes, jewelry, parlor, mehndi, sangeet, haldi, photographs and much more. They have to be done perfectly. Some of the thing should buy and some of the things should be rent.

Schedule a meeting

Once you are done with the view and review of portfolios and feedback from multiple users, you can schedule a meeting with the planners. You can have a telephonic conversation or face-to-face meeting with them (face-to-face would be a better option as you can see them live). Having a rosy website or SEO in all over the world does not mean that the planner is the best in town. It can bring the opposite result too. So it is recommended to meet them personally or visit their offices before making any decision as you will get to know them closely.

Interview them

Equip yourself with a bunch of questions before meeting your selected wedding planner. The fact is you are paying for your special day, so you have to be much more cautious about the people you are going to hire. There are few common yet important questions that must be asked to the planners about important points:

Availability of the planners on your day – it must be the first question to start with.

Their price for a simple wedding

What are the services you include in your package?

How many wedding you can handle at the same time?

How many weddings you have arranged till now?

What is your speciality?

Ask for other client references and testimonials

Have you ever done any other professional events?

How will you manage a wedding in small budget?

Do you have your own vendors like florists, caterer, photographers, decorators etc.?

Have you ever planned destination weddings? (Optional, if you have plan for it)

Do you handle guest list, RSVP and invitations?

How do you handle pressure? What if you are unable to fulfill my requirements?

Do you have any unique thing for which we will select you?

Will you able to recycle the unusable things?

These are some of the important questions that one must ask in the first meeting so that they take their decision fairly. Among all the questions clients’ feedback and reference is most important thing to consider. Hearing from others about them will help you to think in a better way.

Are they full time or part time planners?

Find out about their timing of work. It is necessary to know whether the planners are full timers or part timers. If they are part timers then do not go with them as they cannot give over enough time to your wedding ceremony. Always go for full timers who can involve themselves totally into your occasion. As said for Indian wedding rituals it is irrational to hire someone who will not be able to dedicate enough time to all the functions.

Schedule a meeting to talk to their existing clients

It is necessary for you to take note about what other clients think about them. Take their testimonials and feedback, not from websites but if possible get them on phone or meet them personally. It is definitely essential to know about the reality behind each one who is associated with the company or the team. Even if they are hiring free lancers for each occasion then also meet the new people and talk to them in-depth. Collect as much as feedback and clients’ testimonials before proceeding further.

Find information from your venue

If you are hiring planners from same city you are getting married to then you can ask your venue about the planners. You never know, you can get important information about the planners who have probably worked in that venue before. You may or may not get what you look for but it is always good to play safe.

Get insights from the vendors

If you are not relying on the wedding planners while selecting your vendors such as photographers, florists, caterers or music arrangers for ladies sangeet then you can easily ask them about your planner. Just like venue, they can also have experience, good or bad, with the wedding planners you are selecting. It will be much easier to track their past records before finalizing them. Also you can get excessive good remarks about the planner just because the vendors have worked with them before, so make sure to cross-verify everything at the first place.

Don’t trust blindly

Just because these people carry a certificate, don’t trust them blindly. It is not a big deal to receive a certificate by paying just 1800-2000 rupees. There are several crash course which are available online by taking up these courses anyone can receive a certificate on wedding planning. But holding a certificate and arranging a big fat 4-5 days event is completely different. Your money, your time, your people and of course your emotions are at stake while planning your wedding, so be careful and identify the talent (if any) behind the piece of paper called certificate.

Discuss with experienced people

You must have people in your friend circle or relatives who have experience in working with event managers, especially wedding planners. Even if you don’t have find someone and discuss things with them. Their experience will definitely help you to decide on certain things. According to your budget, requirement and a bunch of planning you must set things properly with or without a planner. But when you are considering a wedding planner, then you must have the best fitted one.

Final thought

Finally as a whole it is recommended to research deeply before you opt for a wedding planner. Overall there are some Dos and Don’ts that you can consider while choosing a right wedding planner.

Dos Don’ts
Do meet them personally Don’t just rely on the websites
Do ask them about budget Don’t trust their certificates
Offer them lower price than what your budget is to see how they can manage Don’t offer high price at the first place
Do search for testimonials Don’t forget to cross verify about their work history
Ask for their previous work Don’t make a commitment before knowing everything about them
Discuss with experienced friends and family members Don’t go for their choice, make your own

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