14 Things A Single Woman Must Do Before Getting Married

14 Things A Single Woman Must Do Before Getting Married

As a little girl, you have always imagined getting married to your sapno ka raaj kumar. You dream of a perfect fairytale wedding and an even more comforting life, but believe it or not, a successful marriage is not all that easy to pull off.

Marriage changes a lot, especially toning down your free-bird life, a little bit if not much. Even if your partner is not the grumpy type, there are still many things after marriage that you just cannot do. This means before you get hitched or get shackled, how about doing a few adventurous things that you may not be able to do after.

Not to forget, many of these things will actually ready you before you finally put a ring on it.

14 Things A Single Woman Must Do Before Getting Married


Do not limit your options by planning to settle down with the very first man you find. Of course, I am not saying that even if you are head over heels in love with the guy and he is the right one for you, you should not get married. But I do mean that do not settle for anything less than what you deserve. Fall in love with the wrong person until you find your Mr. Right.


From personal experience, I can claim that this is the most effective way to know what lies within. If you want to know yourself or find who you truly are, take a trip. You can go alone or with friends, but since we want to find who we are, option number one is what you want to go for. Still not convinced? Watch the movie ‘wild’ and you will know.


Sure you can pursue your studies after you are married, but completing your education before getting hitched is much less stressful and more rewarding. School is important when it comes to financing your future; completing education will get you on the right track to starting a family.


It might feel like a puppy chasing its tail but it is better than chasing a man any day (whoa, I sound hyper feminist). While you may take any job to give that kick start to your career, quit the job if you hate it and find your true calling. Nothing feels better to look back and be contented to have taken the chance then regretting.


Marriage is all about responsibility, one of the things you can do to both practice taking up some responsibility and to get to know how well you handle things; live alone. This will truly make you self-sufficient and independent. Plus, will give you the confidence you need to deal with problems in the future.


When you are in a committed relationship, you cannot afford being a fool. You need to think twice before doing something stupid because you might hurt or embarrass your partner (wow that reminds me of Snookie and Jionni in jersey shore).

Take advantage of your single status and do things that you are advised not to do. Get it out of your system so that you don’t feel like rebelling later.


Be it public speaking, skydiving, scuba diving or a fashion risk, do it all. You do not have to be the life of the party necessarily, but just break free on a personal level. You know your fears and you know what to do to come out of them. Trust me, you will either overcome the fear or you will at least come out stronger.


You are still single, which means you are not answerable to anyone about your purchases, and pretty much autonomous, for that matter. So satisfy your desires even if they seem idiotic and way too expensive. Enjoy your pre-marriage life to the fullest; spend on yourself before you have to spend on others.


Trust me de-junking is a great therapy. Get rid of the stuff you are never going to use. Get rid of all those DVDs you are never going to watch, give away your clothes, any accessories you would not use anymore, basically stop being a hoarder. Make your social environment bearable by deleting toxic friends and boys from your life.


If you want to take a memorable and luxurious trip to your favorite honeymoon destination, or a major investment, you should start saving. Be it a small amount or big one, it will help you when the time comes. One great way to save is making sure you save at least 10% of your pay from the day you start earning.


Among many things marriage may hold you back from doing, is going out with your girl friends. So cash the pre-wedding time you have at your hands and hang your heart out. Make fun memories; take lots and lots of pictures. You will never regret it when you do not have time to do it anymore.


I am a feminist and I am not too big on this one, but let’s face it, we want to be our man’s only sweetheart and the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So brush up on your cooking skills. At some point in your life you will have someone important to come over for dinner and you would really want to wow them with your excellent cooking.


You need to be your own person. Being married is great, but never make it the only thing for yourself to be identified with, for instance, telling someone over the phone “Mrs. (husband’s name) speaking.” Never give up on your own identity and rely on someone to define you. You are worth more!


Life is all about getting know who you are? And what you really want from life? And this is actually a no-brainer, if you do not know who you are and are not comfortable in your own skin, how could you possibly know what kind of person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Dos Don’ts
Live commitment free twenties at least first half Being in a serious relationship in late teens
Getting your heart broken multiple times Planning marriage with the first man you met
Go on a trip or live alone Too scared for both
Being self sufficient before marriage Let someone convince you to leave it all for them
Find your passion and do that Not exploring what excites you
Be care free and let loose Being too cautious for your own good
Overcome your fears Stay meek and mild, like you were
Splurge before you have to cannot Being all miserly all the time
De-junk Continue being a hopeless hoarder
Save, big and small bucks Not have a plan and just spending loosely
Spend as much time with your friends as you possibly can Being an anti-social couch potato all the time
Being truly an Indian woman, show them you can cook! Not knowing how o cook and basically look like a good for nothing brat
Let them not fool you into making you who they want you to be. Stick you head up high with your identity outside of marriage Relying on “un kay papa” to define who you are.
Get to know yourself Putting no efforts to know who your truly are

Go for it even if you have found your one true love, trust me it will help your marriage or if you have not found it yet, who knows you might find someone on the way.

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