12 unexpected costs that a planner forget to budget for

12 unexpected costs that a planner forget to budget for

Wedding is such as occasion that generally incurs unexpected expenses unless you are lucky enough. Mostly people seem to be unfortunate and have to go beyond budget in their wedding day. It is obvious that you will plan out your wedding parties and occasions looking at your pocket. But there are few things that cannot be predicted at the first place. For an Indian wedding you know there are a lot of rituals before and after the D-Day. Starting from Mehndi, Sangeeth, Haldi, Shaadi, Vidaai to some more rituals – all these need your money to spend on meal, snacks, beverages, gifts, hotels and much more. But there are some more expenses that are not on the list but you have to be well prepared for them. Here we will tell you how to choose right wedding planner for wedding.

12 unexpected costs that a bride forget to bugdet for

Pre-wedding costs

Pre-wedding costs can be of several types. You know how much money you’re going to spend on your functions. But you really don’t know how much food your guests will have at your place. You also have no idea that your ugly aunt from Jaipur will bring her couple of maids along with her luggage in your wedding. Pre-wedding costs include beauty parlour, save-the-dates ideas, bridesmaid’s gifts and much more. Do not forget the cost for pre wedding shoots too.

Invitation cards

If you are planning to invite 100 people, make sure you print at least 110 cards. You may need to give an invitation card to your old friend who just shifted to your city and she is willing to attend your wedding for no reason. So be prepared with extra invitation cards at hand for emergency purpose. Please follow the link to decide the number of guest you need to send the invites.

Food and Beverage

Food expenses are the biggest and most common unexpected costs that every wedding incurs. If your ugly aunt from Jaipur is bringing her two maids that means you will have to pay for their meals, snacks and beverages. If your old friend from college suddenly lands up in your city and you are inviting her, then you will be well prepared for her food as well. On the day of wedding, you may welcome unexpected guests. So if you invited 300 people be ready with at least 330 plates. You never know which of your uncle eats beyond imagination. But always remember the do’s and don’t of serving drinks on your wedding.

Surprise lunch/Dinner/Party

Bachelor parties or friends’ lunch or dinner are another sorts of costs that can be occurred unexpectedly. Your friends will not be able to attend your wedding as they have urgent meeting to attend. So be prepared to give them an exotic lunch or arrange a small get-together for them. It is common for friends to ask for a small party before your wedding day.

Hotel costs

Your friends and distinct relatives are staying in a nearby hotel to attend your marriage. You cannot set any binding on how many cups of tea/coffee or cold drink/hard drink they order while staying in that hotel. Be ready to go beyond your budget and pay the hotel.

Pre-wedding Ceremonies

  • You can only roughly count how many people will put mehndi on your mehndi ceremony but you cannot say the exact number of heads here. You have to be ready for cousins, sister-in-laws, aunties from nowhere, neighbours, friends of neighbours and also those, who never put mehndi but just because it is your marriage they are putting it. Your mehndi cost can give you a mild heart pain at the end of the ceremony. Here is the link to search best mehndi artist in the town.
  • Your Aunt’s sister-in-law is a fabulous dancer so she will come at your place for your ladies sangeet. Be prepared with a heavy loaded pocket to welcome her with gifts and snacks because she is dancing in your wedding.

Wedding day

After pre-wedding, now the big day comes in your life i.e the wedding day. Wedding day itself has huge costs as food, snacks, beverages, decorations and everything must be best and special on this day. Though you plan everything before the day comes still there are some staffs that force you to go beyond budget. Such as extra guests, gifts for groom’s family and close relatives, decorations, drinks and much more that can snatch your money unexpectedly.

Destination wedding

If you are opting for destination wedding then make sure to receive a marriage licence of the place you are going to arrange your function. Of course this licence does not come free of cost. Sometimes you have to spend more money to get it if the place is extravagant and popular.

Delivery/Service charges

If you want your dress or other things will arrive at your doorstep at the right time then you will have to pay extra penny as delivery charges and other service charges. If you are lucky enough you will not need any last time alteration of your wedding dress, but if you are not as lucky as you think then be ready for tailor’s extra charges.

Tax and duties

Check properly before you spend your money on products and services. Sales tax is one of the elements that add heart wrenching effect on your bills. Make sure to check the sales tax and other service charges that are included in the quoted price or not.

Over time costs

Over time costs can be of several types that make your bill look dangerous.

  • It can be possible that your reception party will not be over on time because your friends are still there and enjoying. Waiters and vendors are also there to serve food and beverages to the guests. They will definitely ask for over time charges.
  • Your uncles and aunties are in full mood. They ask the DJ to keep playing their favourite track till late night. Be ready with a bundle of notes to pay your DJ for this extra enjoyment you aunties and uncles did.
  • You need a generator van and an electrician to be at your side all the time. What if a short circuit happens at the time of phere and every corner goes dark except the agnee? Be prepared to pay your electrician for their continuous service whether needed or not.
  • Not only payment but you have to be prepared for the food and lodging of the vendors and their stuffs (you don’t know how many of them are on duty) who are working relentlessly to make your wedding day special.

Drinks/Bar costs

This is one of the most unpredictable costs in any wedding party. If you are setting up a bar you have to be prepared enough for extra bottle charges. You can only pray to your God that your folks will not consume extra units of most expensive drinks you are serving or will not get drunk at the party. You need to be well prepared for not only the extra bottles but also for accidents if there occurs any.

Other costs

You cannot tell your irritating cousin from Delhi to go back once your wedding ceremony is over. If they like to stay here for next few days you need to feed them all at your expenses. Other costs like accidents, transportation for the guests, extra sweets, welcome gifts for relatives, forgotten items like accessories or matching shoes and other post wedding expenses are also considered here.

Please follow the link to know how to throw luxurious wedding with unexpectedly small budget.

Overall unexpected costs in your wedding

Pre-Wedding Party, Lunch, Dinner, Ceremonies, gifts, Venue, Decorations, Hotels, bridesmaid’s gifts, unexpected guests, beauty parlours and care, wedding dress alteration, pre-wedding ceremony dresses
Wedding Marriage licence for destination wedding, Drinks, Snacks, Meals, Vendors, other stuffs, over time, bar setup charges, delivery charges, generator van, extra decorations, lightings, foods for vendors, gifts for the bride’s family
Post-Wedding Sales tax, vendor bills, wastage of foods, waiter tips, hotel stuff tips
Others Unfortunate accidents, transportation for guests, welcome gifts, sweets, chocolates for kids, forgotten items, post-wedding guests’ expenses, accessories, shoes and such.

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