Yuvraj Singh Hazel Keech wedding venue|theme|date

Yuvraj Singh Hazel Keech wedding venue|theme|date

Yuvraj Singh-Hazel Keech Wedding , is a question plaguing everyone’s mind until they announced their wedding date ending all rumors.

Yuvraj Singh Hazel Keech wedding venue|theme|date

A low key wedding?

Yuvraj Singh who has recently fought with a life threatening disease is all set to tie the knot with his long term girlfriend Hazel. Since the event is such magnanimous and it is a Punjabi wedding, everyone expected a lot of glitz and glamour, but sadly, according to news that is not happening.

The couple has decided that they are going to have a low key wedding with only a few close friends and family present. The guest list is very small and they will have only 60 people attending the wedding. But yes, among these 60 people there will be people closest to the couple and also a few colleagues from the Indian Cricket Team.

When is the wedding?

This is the big news about the wedding event – while everyone is speculating about the wedding date, we have brought to you the finalized wedding date.

So the buzz is that Yuvraj Singh, who is already in his 30s, desperately wants to get married before his 35th. This is why the wedding process is moving very fast. The couple is set to tie the knot on 30th November in Chandigarh.

In fact, the hurry around the events is such that even the sangeet, mehndi and reception are all being very close together. The couple will fly in to Delhi for their reception and Sangeet which is all set to take place on 5th and 7th December. After that they will tie the knot – according to Yograj, Yuvraj Singh’s father.

The wedding venue

Before the wedding the Sangeet ceremony will take place and all of it is supposedly being held at a farmhouse in Chattarpur, South Delhi.

The wedding venue has followed the trend of a low key affair. Hence, the wedding will take place in Gurudwara in Chandigarh on November 30th. Right after the sangeet and mehndi ceremony, the wedding will take place in Gurudwara after which the bride and the groom will be taken away to meet the Guru which the family reveres and to seek his blessing.

Also, since it is an inter religion wedding, there will be a two time wedding. Once following the Sikh customs in Gurdwara and again following the Hindu customs in Goa. The Hindu rituals will take place in Goa on December 2 in front of family and friends.

Reasons for the wedding being low key

  • Yuvraj Singh insisted that there should be no “fizool kharcha” or squandering of money during the wedding. This is perhaps the motivation behind the low key wedding.
  • Yuvraj Singh’s family agrees that they have always been a family that believes in simplicity. Therefore, they believe in donating to charity instead of spending money on wedding affairs.
  • Yograj also quoted that in a country where a vast majority of people live in poverty there is no “sense” spending money on lavish parties. Therefore they are going to have a very simple wedding.

Farah Khan to choreograph the wedding?

Even though the family insists on a quiet affair, Hazel Keech and Yuvraj are both high profile. Therefore their marriage calls for some dance and some choreography. It seems that Farah Khan has been the one they have asked to choreograph their wedding.

Earlier Farah said that she is all set to meet Yuvraj to discuss the ceremonies and choreography for the wedding. But according to Farah, Yuvraj is a very “old and dear” pal and this is not a professional meeting. She also went on to say that Yuvi calls her a “sister” and her services will be “more like a gift”.

Father’s advice to son for marriage

No matter what, a father’s advice matters a lot to the son during the time of wedding. Experience, after all, counts for something. On finding his son on cloud nine for his wedding, dad Yograj suggested him to be cautious. He said that a relationship is between two people and a third person always ruins the relationship. More often than not, relatives are known to form a dent in the relationship between two people.

As for future daughter in law Hazel, he said that she is a “mature girl” and pointed out that she herself has grown up in a joint family. He was also all praises for her and remembered how he was in the hospital a few days back and Hazel and Yuvi were by his side all week. The father in law blessed the daughter in law, saying that with her, the family “finally looks complete.”

What rituals will be followed?

Hazel’s mother is from Uttar Pradesh and father is British while Yuvi belongs to an all Punjabi family. This is why the rituals that they will be following will be both UP based and Sikh based.

The couple insists that the rituals be kept private. They want to go lavish on the reception. As suggested by Hazel in an interview, they have both decided to have a low key ritualistic marriage and a gala reception on 7th December in Delhi.

Theme of the wedding

The groom is a popular cricketer. It is a must that the two follow this trend. It will only make sense if they have this theme on their wedding and as per the looks of it – they took notice too.

The name on the invitation cards that they sent out, read “Yuvraj and Hazel Premiere League” which many are abbreviating as YHPL.

The couple has hired Sandy and Kapil as their designers who have made sure that there’s absolutely no stone left unturned to make this budget wedding a grand one. So even though the bride and groom want to keep it low, they have planners who are preparing in full swing to make this a grand wedding affair.

According to the designers – Hazel and Yuvraj wanted to do something different and fun. In fact, they were heavily reliant on the fun aspect. This is why their wedding theme featured a lot of illustrations and especially cartoons.

If you see their wedding cards, then there are a lot of cartoons and different types of fun elements that show the happy side of the couple.

What about the honeymoon?

In a recent interview with the press, Hazel Keech revealed that Yuvraj Singh wants to go to places like Bora Bora and Mauritius while she wants to have a Hawaiian honeymoon.

From the looks of it, it is pretty clear that the duo have planned a honeymoon that is close to the beach.

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech have been in a relationship from the past one year. However, both denied any ties a year ago and maintained that they were “just friends.”


Serial No. News Facts
1 Invitation also sent to PM Narendra Modi
2 Expected guests Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma
3 Sangeet Date 5th December 2016

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